Device Prototyping and Verification

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Our worldwide presence ensures the timeliness, cost efficiency compliance adherence required to ensure your production timelines are met.


We believe building prototypes at every stage and testing them against performance requirements make the devices more reliable. We have partnered with international testing labs for engineering performance verification of our developed devices as per applicable international standards. We conduct testing on prototypes and first lot samples to comply and improve the parameters of engineering verification with all the required documentation as needed by regulatory bodies.


We make prototypes with metal, plastics and develop the PCBs and GUI. This helps customer to touch and feel their product as well as gives us opportunity to review and conduct verification plan for manufacturing process. Together review and verification form a significant portion dossier for CE mark or other local regulatory processes. Our testing partner labs support customers with a proven framework to develop and implement design controls to ensure quality performance and device reliability.
  • FDM/laser Rapid prototyping - PCB assembly and testing
  • Design review for DFM - Material/grade testing
  • Usability/Human factors review - Reliability testing
  • Clinical verification - Environmental testing
  • Benchmarking design - Regulatory compliance verification
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